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Chimigi’s Vision

A design is a complex matter in which the concept, the spatial qualities, comfort and aesthetics form an absolute. We thereby add the essential aspect, the user. We accept the challenge to ask ourselves how a user would behave in a design, what the user wants and how do we answer with spatial qualities. Everything we do and design occurs from a conviction. A conviction that we believe in. What we get up for every day and do it with passion. Designing is what we can and do. All of our designs are related to the users and to us. We design from a conviction and the user has needs. By combining these two together, along with the user, something beautiful and unique emerges. Therefore the design is a bit of us and a bit of the user. But when in sync, it tells a story. We bring the concept, the user and our conviction together!


our Philosophy

Chimigi’s meaning

Chimigi, translated from the Persian language, literally means "What do you say". Our profession is focused on asking the right questions and to provide a spatial response. Chimigi is where you start. During each project we try to find the right questions. As designers, we very often wonder from what conviction we do what we do. We ask each other, Chimigi? Therefore, we have found an answer in the form of a question; what is that we do influential? Whether it is private or business, a partnership or voluntary. We ask this question in all that we do. We start with it and finish with it. So the question to you .... chimigi?


Chimigi has two founders, Milad Moshtaghipoor and Zain Naqvi. During our studies we followed what we would like to call, the crafty route. Intermediate education in architecture, higher education in architecture, a year at Academy of Architecture and subsequently the School of Arts Utrecht - Masters Interior Architecture. As our interest in designing increased, the urge to be closer to the user got stronger. The thirst to designfor the user was quenched at the Masters Interior Architecture. For us, no user is the same, no design is the same. Each design is a bit of the user and a bit of Chimigi, coherent and a tad opinionated.


‘My way of living is my way of designing’
Being open to new insights, creative in thinking about life. So I design spaces where humans stand central in relation to their environment. Each project is a unique discovery, we meet clients, visit new places and execute different assignments. The trick is to design physical spaces that fit well within needs of its users, whether it concerns public areas, buildings or interiors. My goal is to continue helping people to realize their dreams and ambitions, by means of an appropriate design that contributes to achieving goals in their lives.


Architecture is an expression of art within the limits of freedom. Where the users, aesthetics and technology form a cohesion. Many decisions that I make during the design have an emotional weight. What does the user feel as he stands in this space? What does the user feel as he walks down the hall? What does the user feel as he looks? The design communicates with the user that is experiencing it. It delivers an experience, shakes emotions, it is hot or cold, friendly or harsh, and it communicates its destination, its function or its comfort. Every single detail contributes significantly. Each space has its own voice, its own face, its identity. Each design tells a story!


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